5 People Born Again on the Streets during an MSP City Cleanup Outreach

It might be the middle of Fall but it’s never too late to announce and recap the first MSP street outreach of the year. Saturday October 13th, 2018 the MSP team and volunteers went into the John DeShields and John Robinson housing projects of East St. Louis, IL. This was the first time Men Standing Positive has ever done outreach at these specific projects. It was scheduled to be both a clean up outreach and door to door ministry.  Most of the group broke up into smaller assigned groups of two or three people with their MSP Minister; while the rest were busy picking up trash. Many people were prayed for, heard about the love of God and were invited to the upcoming MSP Effective Evangelism Conference event.  The cleaning crew did an excellent job covering the full area of DeShields and picking up all trash.
When the team first arrived, two men were exiting a building. One had been shot in the arm and was wearing a brace. An MSP Minister began to speak to both of them sharing the Gospel and also encouraging them to be leaders in their community. Each man received Christ and the man who had been shot shook the MSP Minister’s hand while crying as he thanked Men Standing Positive for being in
East St. Louis and coming to the housing projects.
Sometime later, a group of three high school age youth were outside and Paztuh Mike approached them, introducing himself. He let them know how important it was to be a positive influence at their school and in their community. As four more youth of the same age walked up see what was going on, the first three asked why Paztuh Mike was at the housing project so he shared his testimony. Some of the guys in the group wanted to be rappers so they could relate to his story. The first three intently listened while the other four started to mock and distract them. Paztuh Mike told them not to allow the mocking to affect them; as they would be made fun of if they chose to follow Christ. The original three said they wanted to be saved and to follow God so they linked up arms with Paztuh Mike to pray. The other four still stood around watching except they would not join the circle.
Until Next Time… See YOU on the Streets!