Breaking news! 22 people saved in a housing project of East St. Louis

Everyone knew Saturday October 20th, 2018 was going to be a significant Carry the Cross with MSP outreach. Several people experienced attacks of sickness, there were tech issues with equipment and a few were running later than expected. Once everyone met up; the entire group prayed longer than usual before heading out to the Norman E. Owens housing project in East St. Louis, IL. DJ G of New Life Music led the way in his SUV all throughout the complex playing music over the speakers and announcing the upcoming MSP Effective Evangelism Conference. The team once again split up into door to door groups with their assigned MSP Minister while a separate group took the cross and carried it following behind DJ G.
 The first two people that MSP came into contact with on the street were receptive to the Gospel message. The 26 year old man gave his life to Christ and the 23 year old woman re-dedicated her life to follow God. Both of them signed an MSP Hot Sheet and are being placed in a local church home for discipleship.
Paztuh Mike and Tammy (a Hopewell member training to become an MSP Minister) knocked on the door of a home and a woman answered. Initially, the mother did not want to be bothered but as they explained why they had stopped by she understood and began to open up. Mike & Tammy prayed for her specifically regarding the home life and also anxiety issues. By this point, she had invited them inside and was fully engaged. Following the prayer, her 15 year old daughter stood by watching with a look of sadness mixed with curiosity. When asked if she would like prayer like her mother, she said yes. Her mom gave permission to Mike and Tammy to speak with her directly and share the Gospel. After they spoke with her, the young lady was in tears and wanted to pray right away. As they all stood up to pray again, an 8 year old daughter came down the stairs and asked for prayer. The Gospel message was also explained to her and she said yes like her sister. As all of them were standing together, the 15 year old and the 8 year old were led in a prayer of repentance and accepted Christ in that moment. Afterwards, Tammy began to speak to the mom and 15 year old about the importance that they get involved in the ministry. She shared her personal testimony and both of them were able to relate to it in several ways. As this was happening, the father of one of the daughters walked in the house and Mike filled him on on the situation. He asked for prayer as well- he was already a believer but desired to go deeper in his relationship with Christ. After they prayed, he mentioned to Mike about needing a better job so he filled out an MSP Hot Sheet. He is currently being placed in a church home and will be working towards different employment with one of MSP’s job training connections.
 As Mike and Tammy headed back outside- toward the housing project’s main field for a performance, a 14 year old girl was sitting on a picnic table and asked why the both of them were inside the house. Mike asked her directly if she was born again. The girl acknowledged she didn’t know what it was and they walked her through what it meant. She said yes and Tammy prayed and led her to Christ.
 Once everyone was at the field including all the kids that had gathered outside, Paztuh Mike did a performance and shared the Gospel with the entire group. He told the kids that they did not all have to be rappers and gangsters when they grew up; encouraging them that they had great potential inside themselves and that they were the future leaders of their community. After this- he asked how many wanted to be saved and accept Jesus into their heart and all 15 or more kids raised their hands. The entire group was led in a prayer of repentance. Afterwards, Mike asked the kids how many of them really believed what they had just prayed and 13 raised their hands to confirm his question.
 Men Standing Positive’s goal when partnering with a church is to not just provide local discipleship and accountability for our Hot Sheet applicants. The goal is to also create outreach leaders within each church. MSP wants every church partner to adopt the general strategies and processes within itself so that they will continually reach out to their local community even when Men Standing Positive is no longer present. All outreach leaders at our church partners are qualified to be MSP Ministers and get to lead volunteers when we do outreach at other locations with our other church partners. Tammy stepped out to learn and become an MSP Minister and is now fully capable to be an outreach leader at Hopewell, her home church. Annie from Hopewell is the dedicated MSP Contact; she works diligently behind the scenes to keep up with scheduling and her part of the Hot Sheet and Case Management process. Both Tammy and Annie are now able to take what they’ve actively learned in the field with Men Standing Positive and implement it at Hopewell in the best way possible for their home church. Until Next Time… See YOU on the Streets!