One Person
One City
One Nation
At A Time
Mike “Paztuh Mike” Wuebbles


Driven by his passion for music and the desire for fame, he wanted the mainstream celebrity lifestyle with all it had to offer. However, the journey had barely begun when God intervened and changed his life forever. Born in the small town of Carlyle, Illinois, Mike “MiNiMe” Wuebbles was raised with his brother by his mom and grandmother. He was exposed to the church a couple of times at a very young age. However, throughout his childhood, he only saw the religious side of Christianity. While growing up, there were always big weekend parties at the house. MiNiMe had a difficult time learning, especially in school; and was not able to read or write. He had many people come alongside of him that wanted to help, but they ended up just doing it all for him.

Furthermore, MiNiMe never had a stable father figure in his life. At a very young age he found out that his dad was a drug dealer and a pimp. From then on, MiNiMe made up his mind that he wanted to be just like his father. However, he always had issues making a profit because he was not good at math, and had to carry a calculator with him everywhere. During junior high and high school, MiNiMe started drinking heavily and became addicted to drugs. He also opened his own recording studio, MiNiMe Studios Productions (MSP), in his mid-teens which began to gain popularity in the local area.

At the age of 17, his life started to change when his grandmother began talking to him about Jesus. Oddly enough, MiNiMe actually listened when she explained to him the process of salvation. One night while at a party, he began to feel really strange and ended up in the backseat of his car, crying out to God. He asked Jesus what he wanted him to do with his life, but received no direct answer at that moment. MiNiMe continued on with his life for several months; still drinking, partying, selling, and doing drugs. However, deep inside he sensed that one day he would be something bigger than what he was. On a different night, MiNiMe was lying in bed watching TV when his grandmother called him. She told him she had a dream in which he was left behind and wanted him to turn the channel to see a movie called “Six.” This movie was about the Book of Revelation and the end times. The main character in the movie was a prideful man, driving through a huge crowd of poor and broken people; making fun of them as he went along. Almost immediately, those in the crowd pulled him out of his car, stole everything he had, and almost beat him to death. This man realized he had nothing left; suddenly an angel appeared telling him about Jesus and that His grace could set him free from anything. He accepted Christ on the spot and so did MiNiMe that night. He literally felt the Holy Spirit come over him and in him.

From this moment on, he wanted to tell anyone and everyone about Jesus and this new found faith. One night while out at the club, he tried to witness to someone and they refused to listen; claiming that his life was in no way different from their lifestyles. Despite the fact that he was saved, MiNiMe was still living a contradictory life with all the parties, drugs, and alcohol. That evening God showed him that his testimony about Jesus and his faith was being ruined by his actions. MiNiMe realized he needed to make an outward change, but was not sure how to go about it. By this point he was already used to the party lifestyle and all that it offered. He tried to change, but continually backslid into old habits. His grandmother tried to encourage him to read the Word. She explained that this was the only thing that would change his lifestyle. MiNiMe tried to read one chapter a day, but finally gave up because he still could not read very well.

Immediately, he fell back into his old habits and lifestyle. The music really started to take off at this point and life seemed good. He was offered two record deals, one for $2 million and one for $7 million. Ironically, each deal ended up falling through because MiNiMe realized he would have to sell them his entire image and soul. He continued to throw big parties just for the sake of an impressive image. MiNiMe soon realized he was missing something, and that void could only be filled by God. He returned to reading the Word, trusting that he would be given insight and understanding. Praying every time before he read, MiNiMe actually began to gradually absorb the words. He started to meditate, quote, and stand on scriptures for his daily life. Even when things looked impossible, breakthrough would always come and the Word would manifest. MiNiMe soon got victory over every area in his life as he gave the Word priority in all things; even overcoming temptations.

At this point, the entire MSP group and their music began to take a positive direction. All the members began to see their lives transformed for the better. Eventually, their concerts and events turned into outreaches and they were actually giving away more music than they were selling. MiNiMe was approached by an accountant who suggested that they turn the record company into a non-profit organization since they kept receiving so many donations and were active in many different communities. For the past several years, MiNiMe has mainly focused on street outreach and ministry as he felt God was calling him that direction. Early in 2014, he founded Last Day Records to once again return to the music industry, but this time with the right agenda and heart. Today, MiNiMe pursues only God’s Will and call on his life. He is the CEO of Men Standing Positive Ministries (MSP) and of Last Day Records. MiNiMe understands it is only by obeying and following God’s voice that will he reach his destiny and fulfill his purpose.

Bill Neumann


My birth place was in the city of St. Louis, MO in the year of 1941. Life was not easy for my family, as my dad contracted meningitis and polio when I was only four years old. I was taught responsibility, having two newspaper routes at ten years of age and cutting numerous lawns. I enjoyed participating in sports and helping my Grandfather with work on the farm. After several years of college, I felt the need to serve mankind for three years in the early 1960’s as a St. Louis policeman. My first assignment was in and around Pruitt Igo Housing Project. Knowing I was not destined to become a Police Officer, I left law enforcement with these parting words, “I’m never coming back to the inner city”.

I have been married for fifty-four years to Mary, also a St. Louis girl. Together we have two sons, two grandsons, and one granddaughter.

I grew up in church, but never became active until after my marriage to Mary. Served as a church elder for several years at Webster Gardens Lutheran Church in the late 1960’s. In the early 1970’s, I served on their evangelistic team gaining foundational knowledge, wisdom and began to develop a desire to reach people with the heart of Christ. From the early 1970’s I was active in Pentecostalism, then shifting into the Charismatic and nondenominational movement until the present, whereby I am attending Webster Gardens Lutheran Church.

Around 1995 God began to work on my heart, as knowing that I was saved by Grace, but I could not extend to others that same Grace I expected and received from God. That’s when things started to slowly change. God really started to rock my life with a north city outreach in 2007 sponsored by Destiny Church which consisted of monthly outreaches on a vacant lot at St. Louis and Vandeventer Ave. On my own, I started walking the streets of North St. Louis ministering; counseling and becoming a trusted friend while working to improve lives that others thought were expendable. During this time, Mary and I sponsored a mission center located at St. Louis and Vandeventer Ave. for four years and in the process formed a 501(c) 3 called “Changing Lives Today”, Inc. We provided food, church services, Bible studies and sponsored several other groups such as Heroin Anonymous. In 2008, I became involved with prison ministry at MO Eastern Correctional Center facilitating two Christian based programs. I also took part in several Christian programs at Ironwood State Prison in California.

In 2012, God put in Mary’s heart to purchase an abandoned building in the vicinity of the mission center, renovated it and formed a transition home for women. I am also part of this ministry as chairman of the board.

My service to the Lord includes volunteering in street ministry with an organization called “Better Family Life” seeking to stop the violence in the streets of St. Louis. In 2016, I teamed up with “Men Standing Positive” under the leadership of Mike Wuebbles assisting in street ministry in East St. Louis, IL and the city of St. Louis. In 2017, I became part of the leadership team. Yes, I have come back to the “Lou” and serving God in a greater capacity. I also have my own street ministry program under Changing Lives Today and continue to reach out to the hurting, lost and disenfranchised of the metropolitan St. Louis area. I am “home boy”, my heart and church is on the streets and in the prisons. I have come to the understanding that the harvest is in the field and not in the barn. It’s time to stop playing church and start being the church. I want to become a true follower of Jesus!